Company History

Welcome to the Bowgards Family

The owners of Bowgards founded the product out of the necessity to solve a problem all of us wine drinkers experience at one time or another, the dreaded drips and rings that came from our beloved nectar of the grape. Coming from a couple of classy ladies that know a lot about accessories, we needed a way to protect our table cloths, clothes and counter tops from staining. “Everything looks better with a bow” was a long time joke in our circle of friends and come to find out it could also serve a functional purpose. This affordable and adorable product is easy to use, easy to clean up in your dishwasher or by hand rinsing and used every day. Using Bowgards saves the environmental impact of excessive linen laundering adding less detergent components to pollute our water and environment.


Bowgards also serve as the perfect hostess gift when placed on the neck of your wine bottle instead of the traditional wine bag or box which everyone has plenty of…why would anyone gift a naked bottle of wine? The package containing 3 Bowgards creates a dynamic impulse purchase for customers when merchandised near wine departments and displays on a clip strip or bottle neck.


We also saw the need to have a cleaner experience while dining in our favorite restaurants as we meticulously watched how many table cloths were changed and napkins tied around bottle necks in an evening. Restaurants spend over 5 billion dollars a year in laundering table linens, not to mention the environmental impact!  Old traditional wine service involves wiping the bottle with each pour, why not speed up and modernize the process with a simple Bowgard!  We offer Bowgards in bulk to restaurants and caterers that want to have just a bit more class to their customer’s experience and even create a marketing opportunity by having them printed with your own brand.
Make a difference in your customer experience and your bottom line by including Bowgards in your business.

Join us in sharing the next big trend in wine accessories with your customers-
Julia Rhoades Ferrier & Claudia Rhoades